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Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots | Viondeals
Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots | Viondeals
Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots | Viondeals
Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots | Viondeals

Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots

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Worried about your dog's sensitive paws when they step out? Designed for the best paw protection, these Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots are a must-have for any dog on-the-go. Flexible and sock-like, they offer both comfort and protection from heat and injury for your beloved furry friend. Plus, these dog boots are simply stylish!


  • Protects your dog from injury. These Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots serve to protect your dog's delicate paw pads from harsh surfaces, like salt and ice melt. These dog boots also shield your paws from hot or cold temperatures, so they can enjoy walks out with you no matter the season.  
  • Designed for comfort. These dog boots aren't just protective, they are also super comfy for dogs! Sock-like in terms of flexibility, they readily stretch to adapt to just about any paw size and shape and are breathable so your dog can stay cool. Great for the smallest of toy dogs to the biggest dogs! 
  • Support for existing paw injuries. These dog boots also give your dog's paws support if they have existing paw injuries, especially since dogs don't know when to hold back from walking around even if they are in pain. On top of that, these dog boots also prevent irritation from over licking and allergies.
  • Great for older dogs, too. Because their legs and paws don't work like they used to, older dogs need some help while they get around. These smart dog boots provide that needed support, especially when it comes to slippery surfaces like tiles and polished wood. So no matter the age, these dog boots are a must!
  • Waterproof and easy to clean. Fashioned out of cotton, these cute dog boots are a breeze to clean! The bottom portion is also waterproof, ensuring clean, dry paws at home after a walk in the rain.

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      Product Specifications:
      Package includes: 1 set (4pcs) Outdoor Paw-protecting Dog Boots
      Material: Cotton
      Size: Kindly refer to chart

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