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Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)
Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)

Car SunShade Visor (2 Pieces)

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If you’re a vehicle owner, you know the struggle of getting into a hot car on a sweltering summer day. The scorching heat in your face not only makes driving uncomfortable, but it can also be a dangerous distraction that could result in accidents.

Fortunately, we have the Car SunShade Visor to solve these problems. These tiny curtains are inexpensive, easy to use window shades that will help cut down the sunlight breaking in your car windows.


  • Great protection from the sun. Sometimes, your car’s AC isn’t enough to ward off the sun’s heat. And these curtains are of great help during those times.  Made of thick anti-UV fabric, they effectively block off the sun’s harmful UV rays getting inside your windows. They also help lower the temperature inside your car, making driving for you and traveling with kids safer and much more comfortable.
  • Save your interior. The sun can ruin your interior too. When you’re parked in a sunny spot, your seat leathers and dashboard absorb heat, making them brittle and chipped.  By installing these car shades, your interiors stay cool and safe from overheating.
  • Offers privacy too. When you need to take a nap at rest areas or truck stops during long rides, these curtains give you the ultimate privacy you need. No nosy pedestrians peeping in your car and no blinding light to disturb your rest.

  • Easy to install. No drills and screws that can ruin or damage your car windows and aesthetics. These curtains are self-adhesive and can easily fit any vehicle windows with height up to 38-42 cm (14.96 - 16.54 inches).   
  • Great gift. Great protection from the sun and comes in 4 colors to match any car interiors, these car curtains are a great gift for friends and loved ones who are also vehicle owners.

How to install the curtains:
1. The plastic rails have 3M adhesives at the bottom. Simply take the protective cover off the adhesives and attach the rails to your lower and upper window panels. For best results, wait for a few hours before inserting the curtains to them.

2. Next, using the curtain hooks, attach the curtains to the newly installed rails. Once the curtains are in place, lock the rails using the included rail caps.

3. Finally, attach the curtain holders to your window frame. And your car curtains are all set.

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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes:
  • 2 x Car Curtains
  • 4 x Plastic Rails
  • 6 x Curtain Hooks
  • 4 x Rail Caps
  • 2 x Curtain Holder
  • 2 x Curtain Holder rails
  • Material: Anti-UV Cloth
  • Size: 51 x 38 cm/ 20.08 x 14.97 inches (L x W)
  • Color: Black, Beige, Gray, Black Mesh

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